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Question from Colleen

I have all the books on Pern except The People of Pern(written by your[very much missed mum])and After the Fall is Over.Any word on when this book will be as I am looking forward to adding them to my collection. Godspeed to you and yours Dragon Prince, Colleen Black Dear Colleen, My sister, Gigi, is …

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Question from Julie

Hi Mr McCaffrey Just reading Dragongirl (again!!) and I was wondering if After the fall is over is likely to be published if it was ever completed after your mum’s death by yourself and your sister Gigi. Also have you got any new Pern books coming out soon? Dragongards Julie Hi Julie, Glad to hear …

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Question from Helen

i have been a fan since a friend started me with The White Dragon I now own all the Pern series up to the last two. I enjoy rereading the books. I’m interested to know if you will write one on after the last fall? I’m sort of glad there hasn’t been any movies done …

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Lots of questions from Colin

Hi Todd, I have just finished listenening to an audiobook copy of The Dolphins Of Pern and my ears kept pricking at the phrase “when this Pass is over.” Do you know yet when you or Gigi will finish your mum’s work on After The Fall Is Over? I’d dearly love to find out how …

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